Let Go:

Oh my soul, you come and you go, through the path of time and space.
In useless play, you’ll not find the way, so set your course and go.

Let go, let go
Let go, let go

Sing such a song with all your life, you will never have to sing again.
Love such a one with all your heart, you will never have to love again.

Let go, let go
Let go, let go

Walk such a path with all your faith, you will never have to wander again.
Pray such a prayer with all your soul, you will never have to pray again.

Let go, let go
Let go, let go

Give yourself to such a one, you will never have to seek again
Die such a death with surrender and love, you will never have to die again.

Let go, let go
Let go, let go…..


Walking walking endlessly…
Remember soul, you are free.
Settling into what I know,
I thought I knew where I could go.

Guides unseen, show me the way.

Breathe, breathe
Steady, steady…

Pavan pavan pavan pavan paaraparaa pavan guru
Pavan guru waheguru, waheguru pavan guru…
Translation: Air, wind, breath, ever moving, transformational healing spirit of Life, messenger of ecstasy.

(Meditate with this mantra to activate your inner life force, to experience uplift, inspiration, and emotional balance & steadiness.)

Pavan guru panee pitaa, maataa dharat mahat
divas raat doey daaee daayaa khelai sagal jagat
changiaayaa buriaayaa vaachai dharam hadoor
karmee aapo aapnee kay nerai kai.
Jinee Naam dhiaaiaa gay masalat gaal
naanak yay mukh ujalay ketee chutee naal.

Translation: Air, wind, breath, is the Guru. Water is the father, and Earth is the great Mother of all.
Day and night are the nurses, in who’s lap the whole world is at play.
All actions are taken into account. These actions either bring us closer, or drive us farther away.
As we meditate and live in the vibrational frequency of the One which connects us all, we reap what we sow.
We are blessed in our hard work.
We are touched with the bottomless and infinite love of the One heart.
Our faces are radiant, and we bring many others along.

Breathe, breathe
Steady, steady…


Gun gobind gaio nahee, janam akaarat keen.
Kaho Nanak har bhaj manaa, jeh bidh jal kau meen.
Bikhian sio kaahay rachio nimakh na hohe udaas.
Kaho Nanak bhaj har manaa parai na jam kee phaas.

Tarnaapo eyo hee gayo leeo jaraa tan jeet.
Kaho Nanak bhaj har manaa audh jaat hai bheet.
Birad bhayo sujhai nahee kaal pahunchio aan.
Kaho Nanak nar bhaavaray kio na bhajai bhagvaan.
Dhan dharaa sampat sagal jin apnee kar maan.
In mai kachu sangee nahee Nanak sachee jaan.
Patit udhaaran bhai haran har anaath kai naath.
Kaho Nanak teh jaaniai sada basat tum saath.

What use is this gift of life, if it is not used to gratefully sing the song of the One in all, of that which connects us?

Says Nanak: meditate, immerse your mind in it, like the fish in water.
Why are you so obsessed with trouble, corruption, and the pain of repeated mistakes? You seem to not detach yourself from it even for a moment.

You could hold on to these things until the moment you die. Your youth being swallowed up in that pain… overtaking your body as you age. Even now the time is fleeting away in this precious life you have been given. None of your wealth or material belongings will go along with you in the end either. What are you focusing on? What is important to you? Lovingly, I ask you, “are you crazy? Why are you not taking this precious opportunity to open your heart to your life?” If you take the gift of this moment to meditate on that One which connects us all, through love, you can save yourself from a treacherous journey.

There is Grace alive in your very being, it is you. And it can save you from your own pain, shame, guilt, fear, anger, and all of your hard and unhelpful feelings in this life. It is ALWAYS with you, in every fleeting moment. Choose it, and be carried through, ever expanding, in Love.

(Meditate with this mantra for fearlessness, and for letting go, to make way for that which resonates with your highest truth.)


Suniai sidh peer sur naath
Suniai dharat dhaval aakaash
Suniai deep lo paataal
Suniai pohe na sakai kaal
Nanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas
Suniai dukh paap kaa naas
Suniai dukh paap kaa naas
Suniai dukh paap kaa naas
Deeply listening… the masters, the warriors, the yogis
Deeply listening… the Earth, its support, the sky and ethers
Deeply listening… the oceans, the lands of this world and the worlds beyond
Deeply listening… you are beyond death
Oh Divine light, highest self… the devotees are forever in ecstasy.
Deeply listening… all of their pain is washed away.

(Meditate with this mantra to activate your intuition, your deep inner wisdom, beyond the mind. It is a very supportive mantra for meditation to heal a broken heart.)

To the Heart:

Mind’s endless chatter,
A spiral staircase no nowhere
You think you’re so smart, do you really hold the key?
Turning over and over… will I ever understand?
Lost in the line between you and me.
Then only a feeling… a whisper,
A prayer is born.
However, the prayer will not be answered, until the veil of doubt starts to wear,
And Love opens the door to the heart.
So a feeling… a whisper,
The prayer is alive
Open the door to the heart

To the heart, to the heart…


The sand goes out from under my feet,
Drawn in to your infinity
Salt on my skin and touched in all the senses
I am pulled into your form

Waves waves rushing in
Again and again
Filling up my heart

As the ocean mirrors the sky,
And follows the moon,
So I see you and move with you,
Again and again,
Surrendered to the crashing –

Waves waves rushing in
Again and again
Filling up my heart

Sa Ta Na Ma….
Translation: Infinity, life, death, rebirth

(Meditate with “Sa Ta Na Ma” to clear unhelpful subconscious patterns, to create new helpful patterns, and for powerful overall mental balance.)

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