Matthew Schoening and Nirinjan Kaur: “To The Heart”

Although Matthew and Nirinjan come from different backgrounds and appear quite different on the surface, deep down they have at least one common goal and desire: to experience life straight from, and back to the heart. Through this intention, not only have they established a powerfully deep relationship musically, but also in friendship. Through quieting their minds, dropping their stories, holding themselves accountable, and dropping into their hearts, they have been able to deepen into greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for each other.

Through honesty, authenticity, compassion, and seeing challenges through to the end, accurate, functional, and loving relationships are built. When we drop our stories and concepts of separation, and drop into our hearts, we all have the ability to make this world a better place. This transformation starts from within ourselves, as we travel straight “To The Heart”.

“Let Go”  represents letting go of the shore, and allowing the river to take you. The more we hang on, the harder our lives are. Regardless of what we believe, we are not in control of our lives. We can make decisions based on what is actually happening, and do our best to move forward, until this changes, which it will.

“Breathe” inspires us all to breathe with intention. Our breath is what carries us through.It is important to take a few moments everyday, and just breathe.

“Expansion” is intended to help us expand our perspective through a powerful mantra meditation. Here is a partial translation: What use is this gift of life, if it is not used to gratefully sing the song of the One in all, of that which connects us? The full translation is here.

“Suniai” is a meditation to heal a broken heart. Once we let go, breathe, and expand ourselves, we may see and feel where we are hurting. Suniai helps us heal those places. Translation: Deeply listening… the masters, the warriors, the yogis. Deeply listening… the Earth, its support, the sky and ethers. Deeply listening… the oceans, the lands of this world and the worlds beyond. Deeply listening… you are beyond death. Oh Divine light, highest self… the devotees are forever in ecstasy. Deeply listening… all of their pain is washed away.

“To The Heart” is intended to help us drop into our hearts, live, make decisions, and communicate from this place.

“Waves” is an experiential and bliss-full song that ends with the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma”, which translates to Infinity, life, death, rebirth.

As a special treat for you, we also have the honor of offering you a bonus track featuring one of Matthew’s dear friends, Jeff Pevar. Jeff is a world-class, world-renowned guitarist who has toured with many artists, including Ray Charles, Crosby Stills and Nash, David Crosby, CPR (he is the P in CPR), Rickie Lee Jones, Bette Midler, and countless others. We are so grateful for his contribution, and proud to offer you some additional ear candy on our final track, “Suniai featuring Jeff Pevar”!

We hope that you enjoy our album!

Love, Nirinjan and Matthew

Technical Album Notes: Lyrics and melodies were co-written by Nirinjan and Matthew. All of the instrumental music for this album was written, and performed by Matthew (Electric Cello, Bass, Guitar, and some percussion). The exception is “Suniai featuring Jeff Pevar”, which features world-renowned guitarist Jeff Pevar. Every track also features the very talented Tripp Dudley (Tabla, Cajon Kit, Frame Drums, Shakers), who contributed his talents to this album by playing percussion on the album.Some of you may know him from touring with Simrit Kaur, Snatam Kaur, and Guru Ganesha.

“To The Heart” was produced, recorded, and mixed by Matthew Schoening.

Copyright and Publishing 2017, all rights reserved, Matthew Schoening and Nirinjan Kaur

Available on Spirit Voyage and iTunes